Equipment and Services.

A golden beach and spotless where sink your feet is equivalent to a natural and gentle massage. The wide open spaces between the two hundred umbrellas allow you to spend with the right privacy their day at the beach and, for the most & ugrave; demanding, a VIP area with big umbrellas for added relaxation and intense; where our guests will have the whole day marked VIVA soft beach towels. Play area for pi & ugrave; small and beach volleyball court for sports lovers, wind surf lessons with professional instructors, green spaces for reading enthusiasts and wi-fi area, with comfortable sofas & Outdoors; shadow. All this & egrave; VIVA.

Aperitif on the beach

Enjoying good music and a buffet worthy of our restaurant, we have to VIVA can enjoy a drink at the beach with an eye toward the setting sun. Cocktails made to perfection and the ability to enjoy the sunset lounging on deck.

Your party at Viva Beach

It was born in 2018 from an idea by Annalisa D'Aniello and a passion for event planning. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, private dinner. We create exclusive and unforgettable moments for the customer, with the collaboration of industry experts in order to satisfy every need. Each event is conceived and designed exclusively, every detail is unique and personalized. Inspiration and creativity available to the client who will magically see his dream materialize. Exclusive location, the wonderful VIVA, site framed in the crystal clear blue of the Circeo sea, immersed in the emerald green of the Mediterranean scrub that embraces the Promontory of the Circe Sorceress. Passion, competence, elegance and seriousness, these are the values.


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Via Lungomare Circe, 68
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